Individual Audit Instructions

Individual audits are environmental audits completed by an auditor independently. Auditors use a Google form with neutral statements about sensory, communication, and social factors with dropdown menu options to a five point agree/disagree scale.

Before the Audit

  1. Assemble a team of neurodiverse and neurotypical raters.
  2. Determine audit time based on how time of day and degree of crowding might impact items on Google form.
  3. Raters will disperse through the venue and independently rate the Google form. 

During the Audit

  1. Rater should operate as independently as they are able. Each rater begins the walk-through with the Google form open and completes it as they progress through the venue. 
  2. As appropriate, the walk-through includes all public areas in the venue including restrooms, fitting rooms, different levels, and parking lots if applicable. Rater will observe factors such as employees, space, crowding, signs, overall layout, and temperature. 
  3. Rater can use a decibel reader app to record sound levels for the overall environment and sounds that stand out.
  4. Rater can use the light meter app to determine light intensity levels for the overall environment and light sources that stand out.
  5. Rater will complete a second walk-through to double check surroundings, if needed. 
  6. Estimated time to complete the Google form is 30 minutes.

Reporting the Audit

  1. Write all remaining comments and notes on the audit form, using detailed responses when appropriate.
  2. If the rater took pictures, attach them to the audit form with explanations, when possible. 
  3. The rater will create a report using a Word doc template and drop down menu or word/choice bank. Reports are written in encouraging and simple language. Reports are usually one page. 
  4. When the learner has completed the audit, give the audit form to a store manager or the person who asked the learner to complete the audit.