Partnering with Businesses and Venues

Creating welcoming spaces for autistic people, together.

When communities anticipate the sensory, social, and communication needs of autistic community members, everyone thrives.

Learner gathering supplies

Learn Something New, Right Now

Promote participation by offering learning modules for listening, watching, or reading along.

Transition: The Impact on Students in Schools and Communities

  • Describe two goals of transition services for autistic learners
  • Detail some of the current barriers facing transition planning
  • Describe three ways schools and communities can support transition

Autism Audits: They Might Start in the Parking Lot and End with the Toilets

  • Describe what an environmental audit is
  • Know how to conduct an environmental audit
  • Understand what should be reported – and why

Architecture, Multi-Sensory Environments, and Havens, Oh My!

  • Define and explore the prevalence of sensory processing disorders
  • Detail autism architecture guideline
  • Differentiate between multi-sensory environments and sensory havens

With Gratitude

Thank you to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for believing in our work.

The world becomes a better place when we work toward common goals. Special thanks to the following people, schools, and community agencies who made this happen: